Security Consultant


The benefit of employing the services of a security consultant is objectivity. The security consultants at Create have worked with a variety of diverse clients and have collectively over 40 years’ experience. A small investment now employing a security consultant may save you and your company a lot of time and money in the future.

Our role is to discover the procedures that work and then determine how to improve on this for the benefit of our clients. With the technology advancements we will aim to integrate the manned security services with new and existing security equipment.

Create Security consultants have enjoyed successful relationships with multinationals companies and also a large number of SMEs.

From staff training and awareness to the risks involved with securing properties to ensuring that security procedures are adhered to and meet current legislation & standards or reviewing and improving existing security procedures our consultants have a wide array of experience.

Our first consultation is always free of charge and we can assure you of a professional service that is geared solely to our individual client’s requirements.


Creating Solutions for Your Security